SeaView for Mac

SeaView is a joint project by CruzPro and Barco Software, LLC.

SeaView is a full-featured dual frequency high resolution PC based color fishfinder that runs on Mac OS X in both analog and DSP mode (Digital Signal Processing). Turn your laptop or desktop computer into a full-color fishfinder with a huge display screen and save thousands of dollars.

Compare the cost and resolution of SeaView with that of fishfinders costing as much as US$6000. Unlike a standard fishfinder that is born with all the capability it will ever have, SeaView can be updated via just a software change and will never go obsolete.

The SeaView system consists of a high speed Interface Box, a dual frequency 50khz/200kHz depth/temperature transducer, the SeaView software and your existing Laptop or Desktop computer.

Communication to the Interface Box is through either a high-speed RS-232 port or USB port (both modes are supported). The depth/temperature transducer plugs into the interface box which contains the Signal Processing unit and sonar transmitter/receiver as well as temperature measuring circuitry. The Interface Box is powered with +12VDC through a 10 amp fuse.

Analog and Digital Signal Processing - the best of both worlds:
The 50kHz/200kHz dual frequency depth transducer provides for the best resolution and definition of features at 200khz in analog mode to depths of 500 feet and uses Digital Signal Processing to reach deeper depths of 1000+ feet at 200Khz not possible with normal analog processing. Switch to 50Khz to go even deeper and use both 50Khz and DSP to achieve maximum deep water performance.

Whats in the Package?

  • Printed Manual
  • Interface Box
  • Plastic dual frequency thru-hull transducer
  • CD with the following.
    • SeaView
    • SeaView manual in PDF format.

System Requirements

  • Laptop/Desktop (Intel).
    • Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 100 MB available had disk space (additional space required for recording data)
    • 4x or higher CD-ROM drive for installation
    • Available USB or serial port
    • Mouse or other pointing device